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MapCampaigner Gets New Look and Features for 2020

Russ Biggs

23 January, 2020


MapCampaigner is our open source tool that monitors the quality and progress of OpenStreetMap field mapping anywhere around the world. For 2020, we've made it better.

Haiti 10 Years Later: Growth of a Humanitarian Mapping Community

Ten years ago this week, on 12 January 2010, Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake - one of the worst disasters in recent history. Within...

Tyler Radford - 16 January, 2020


How Maps can Improve Lives

As Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) supports local communities fundraising to put themselves on the map, here are the ways they will be using maps to improve lives!

Alex Glynn - 16 December, 2019

Peru and 4 other countries

What we Learnt from Mapping African Megacity Dar es Salaam

Since the project kicked-off in 2015, Ramani Huria, funded by the World Bank and implemented by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), has managed to map three-quarters of one of Africa’s megacities, Dar es Salaam. As a city that is particularly vulnerable to floods, the team focused their mapping on flood-prone areas, especially in informal settlements where vulnerable populations live.

Hawa Adinani - 12 December, 2019


Help Local Communities to #MaptheDifference

HOT’s annual fundraising campaign supports communities with Microgrants to put themselves on the map, so they can address the challenges affecting them, from seasonal...

Alex Glynn - 22 November, 2019


MapSwipe 2.0: Support humanitarian response in five minutes with a mobile app

With two new projects types and an improved user experience, MapSwipe is making it easier than ever for volunteers to get involved in mapping, one swipe at a time.

Jessica Bergmann - 4 October, 2019


HOT launches Microgrants 2020: Funding for OpenStreetMap Communities

Is your local OpenStreetMap community mapping to improve lives? We could have a microgrant for you! Pitch your project and be in for a chance to receive funding as part of HOT’s annual fundraising campaign to support global OpenStreetMap communities.

Rebecca Firth - 27 September, 2019


Making a New MapCampaigner

Kicking off new work to redevelop workflows within MapCampaigner

Russ Biggs - 23 September, 2019


Communicating Operational Status of HOT Tools

Sharing up to date information about the current status and operation of all our tools through a simple status dashboard.

Ramya Ragupathy, Dakota Benjamin - 13 September, 2019


Using Open Source Tools to Solve Routing Issues for Solid Waste Collection in Dar Es Salaam

One of the biggest difficulties in establishing an effective and efficient waste management collection and transportation system in Dar es Salaam is how long it takes to travel to Pugu dumpsite, the only officially designated solid waste dump in the city, and the best route to use.

Aaron Eubank - 30 August, 2019


Using machine learning to identify the effort and complexity of mapping areas

Testing more machine learning integrations with the Tasking Manager

Matthias Funke, Felix Delattre - 22 August, 2019


Mapping with Indigenous Communities for Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Melanie Chabot is a GIS Coordinator with the Canadian Red Cross. She leads the Missing Maps pilot project in Canada which aims to map areas important to indigenous communities and to assist with disaster preparedness and response in these areas.

Melanie Chabot - 15 August, 2019


How We're Making it Easier for Humanitarians to Use OpenStreetMap Data

At HOT, we’re constantly looking to improve our tools to address user needs and help OpenStreetMap data be delivered in the right format at the right time. In July we started a new round of software development on the Export Tool to continue to help humanitarian partners get the data they need. We continue to update and develop the Export Tool as we attempt to provide our users with the best possible experience and answer a wider variety of their needs.

Mhairi O'Hara - 13 August, 2019


Launch of Mapping 2021: HOT’s Three Year Strategy

We envision a world where:

Tyler Radford - 5 August, 2019


A map editor for the Tasking Manager

The mappers of the HOT Tasking Manager are our driving force to generate vital data for humanitarian response. Over the past six months, we...

Felix Delattre - 31 July, 2019


Announcing the Winners of #map2020

There were 33 projects submitted for the #map2020 challenge to build better maps in undermapped regions. Mapping teams joined in from Europe, Asia, and Africa for the chance to demonstrate how street-level imagery can play a role in addressing a humanitarian challenge. Two projects were selected to present at the HOT Summit in Germany.

Rebecca Firth, Edoardo Neerhut - 25 July, 2019