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Indonesia’s Mapping Design Competition: LOKAVISTA

Adhitya Dido Widyanto

18 December, 2020


From September to November 2020, HOT Indonesia organized a mapping design competition called LOKAVISTA for university students across the nation. Our mission was simple: to increase the public awareness that OpenStreetMap data can be utilized for many purposes and different aspects of life.

Reflecting on HOT and the Humanitarian Mapping Community: HOT Executive Director Tyler Radford's closing remarks from the 2020 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Summit

At the HOT Summit, Tyler Radford shared his thoughts on the relationship between HOT and the worldwide humanitarian mapping community. This has come as a part of an ongoing conversation within HOT and the wider community. He outlined the steps he would like HOT to take to make that relationship more open, transparent, and supportive of the community.

Tyler Radford - 14 December, 2020


Facebook Community Impact Microgrants: Up to $5K available to OSM communities in East Africa and Asia

Applications open! Up to $5000 is available for OpenStreetMap (OSM) community projects that directly support, contribute, or respond to local humanitarian/development challenges.

Sophie Mower - 7 December, 2020


Equipping University Students with Digital Geospatial Skills: More than 10,000 Flood Data Points Mapped in Eight Weeks

Ramani Huria has been training students in Dar es Salaam and equipping them with industrial and technical skills for the 21st Century while generating vital high-precision, low-cost data for flood prediction and preparedness.

Hawa Adinani - 5 November, 2020


Disaster Response Update: October & November 2020

Through the Activation Working Group and the Disaster Services Team, HOT has been responding to disasters around the world. Here's what you can do to help.

Disaster Services Team, Russell Deffner - 4 November, 2020

Greece and 8 other countries

Philippines Celebrates International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction with Field Narratives

In celebration of IDDRR, HOT Philippines shares more of the fieldwork they are conducting in Pampanga — including coordinating with LGUs, training volunteers, and collecting field data.

Jikka Defiño - 23 October, 2020


Community Mapping for Urban Risk in Mwanza, Tanzania

Spatial Collective, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and OpenMap Development Tanzania extend their engagement to Mwanza

Hawa Adinani, Primoz Kovacic - 22 October, 2020


Five OpenStreetMap Communities Receive Facebook Community Impact Microgrants

Five OSM communities, spread across the Philippines, Turkey, Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia, have received Facebook Community Impact Microgrants to support community engagement and training.

Sophie Mower - 20 October, 2020

Kenya and 4 other countries

Voting Membership Elects New Board Member in Special Election

Over the past several weeks, the HOT Voting Membership has elected Maning Sambale to the HOT Board of Directors, filling the seat vacated by...

19 October, 2020


Using Low-Cost Equipment to Gather High Precision Data for Flood Modeling

In collaboration with Deltares and with funding from GIZ, OMDTZ was able to collect accurate and precise river cross-section surveys using an innovative, low-cost technique developed by the Resilience Academy and OMDTZ.

Hawa Adinani - 8 October, 2020


HOT Pairs 2020 Virtual Summit with the Understanding Risk Forum 2020

HOT pairs 2020 Virtual Summit with the Understanding Risk Forum 2020

Jess Beutler, Russell Deffner, Geoffrey Kateregga, Immaculata Mwanja - 5 October, 2020


Supporting Istanbul’s Open Data Efforts

BİMTAŞ A.Ş. and HOT partner Yer Çizenler are working together to put the Istanbul Planning Agency campus on OpenStreetMap.

Can Unen - 28 September, 2020


Philippines Completes Remote Mapping and Validation for Pampanga

On September 21, 2020, the Philippine mapping team finished remote mapping and validation for the whole of Pampanga.

Jikka Defiño - 25 September, 2020


Supporting Coronavirus Response Through Mapping in Liberia (by iLab Liberia)

In May 2020, iLab Liberia was awarded a microgrant as part of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s (HOT) Rapid Response Microgrant: COVID-19 Program. Here’s iLab’s community blogpost detailing their project.

Carter Draper, Sophie Mower - 24 September, 2020


International Equal Pay Day: Our Pursuit of Gender Equity

Today is International Equal Pay Day, and we're marking the day by sharing what we are doing to support the International Equal Pay Day initiative in our organization.

Rachel VanNice, Dana Gallaty - 18 September, 2020


HOT Philippines as of August 2020

This August, HOT Philippines began training with LGU volunteers in Pampanga, celebrated #HOT10YRS, and sealed partnerships for September.

Jikka Defiño - 27 August, 2020