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2015 in Review: HOT's Annual Report

Tyler Radford

7 October, 2016


HOT's 2015 Annual Report is now online! The report and projects described within have been possible because of the commitment and dedication of HOT's global community and partner organizations. A special thanks to the dozens of HOT board members, staff, and volunteers who contributed to producing HOT's first comprehensive annual report.

Hurricane Matthew

The Humanitarian OpenSteetMap Team (HOT) has activated to provide geographic base data in areas affected by Hurricane Matthew. Category 4 Hurricane Matthew continues to...

Dale Kunce - 4 October, 2016


HOT Prepares to Map Lifeline Infrastructure in Surabaya

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia continued in taking up its role for the InAWARE (All-hazard Warnings, Analysis, and Risk Evaluation) program. InAWARE is a...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 30 September, 2016


Mapping for Resilience - Karamoja Region, Uganda

 (Original composition by Taylor Zevanove, AidData Summer Fellow 2016 with the HOT team in Kampala, Uganda)   On July 25th Uganda’s Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team...

Douglas Ssebaggala - 15 September, 2016


HOT Joins the Group on Earth Observations

In July, HOT was voted in as a participating organization of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). Forums like GEO that emphasize sharing of free and open Earth observation data are critical to evolve the methods and standards to make data and information more accessible. GEO is building the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) to connect the world's environmental and socio-economic data sources. Membership in the global data-sharing body brings opportunities for HOT to contribute to use of Earth observation data and information for better decision-making.

Tyler Radford - 23 August, 2016


Improving Resilience with Aerial Imagery

Earlier this month Nate and I went to Suva to lead the kickoff meeting of the Pacific Drone Imagery Dashboard (PacDID) project funded by...

Cristiano Giovando - 15 August, 2016


Ramani Huria: Street View Mapping for Tanzania's Largest City

Often when you think of maps, many people imagine only a view from above. Street view imagery allows maps to have an additional dimension,...

Innocent Maholi - 9 August, 2016


Mapping the Unmapped: A Summer Fellows Foray into the OSM Community

(Written by Cleo Stern, AidData Summer Fellow 2016 with the HOT team in Kampala, Uganda)   We hadn’t been in Kampala, let alone Uganda,...

Douglas Ssebaggala - 4 August, 2016


Kickoff of HOT's Participation with the InAWARE Programme

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s (HOT) participation in the InAWARE program kicked-off last week with stakeholder workshops in Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia. The Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) graciously hosted the event at their headquarters, which was lead by the Pacific Disaster Centre (PDC) and attended by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Disaster Management Innovation (DMI), HOT and various other stakeholders.

Mhairi O'Hara - 30 July, 2016


New Features for OpenAerialMap

OpenAerialMap is focused on creating a simple and easy experience for finding and publishing aerial imagery. This past week, we released three new features...

Nate Smith - 28 July, 2016


Introducing the Mapillary Humanitarian Mapping Kit, in Partnership with HOT

Guest post by Sandra Uddbäck, team member at Mapillary. Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) does amazing work in building and supporting local mapping communities around...

Tyler Radford - 27 July, 2016


HOT Launches New PacDID Drone Imagery Project

Earlier this month HOT launched the new Pacific Drone Imagery Dashboard (PacDID) project to support aerial imagery use in Pacific island communities. In places...

Cristiano Giovando - 21 July, 2016


The White House Mapathon and HOT Team Up to Fight Malaria

On Thursday, July 7, HOT will join the White House Mapathon to celebrate the role of open mapping in the achievement of the Sustainable...

Courtney Clark - 5 July, 2016


Using Financial Services data in OSM: GIS Poster and Mobile apps

Geospatial data lies at the basis of large portions of web and mobile applications, but sometimes tends to be undervalued and is often not...

Douglas Ssebaggala - 4 July, 2016


HOT's Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and How You Can Help

When I speak with HOT staff and volunteers in our community, I often ask what they've heard about the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short. Sometimes, people have heard of the term, or know that the term is somehow related to the United Nations. I often chat about the types of mapping projects they're working on. In the past month, the answers have been incredibly varied: HOT staff are mapping safe bicycle routes and access to sanitation (public toilets) in Tanzania; banks, ATMs, and mobile money agent locations in Uganda, and are about to start mapping critical disaster "lifeline" infrastructure in two of the biggest cities in Indonesia. In addition, HOT volunteer leaders are working on dozens more projects throughout the world across sectors: education, environment, health, transportation, water and sanitation. These projects are all taking place in challenging contexts: megacities in developing countries, refugee camps, and unplanned urban and rural housing settlements.So what does this have to do with the SDGs?

Tyler Radford - 29 June, 2016


HOT inspires mapping communities in Uganda

The last time that HOT carried out mapping in Northern Uganda was on August 20 2012, teaming up with the American and Ugandan Red...

Douglas Ssebaggala - 21 June, 2016