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The ESA Open Mapping Grants: Reviewed and Revised

Sophie Mower

10 March, 2022


Mapeando o Cuidado

A URBELatam, uma parceria de três universidades, está trabalhando com o Banco Preventório para mapear a comunidade do Morro do Preventório próximo ao Rio de Janeiro. O mapa permitirá que o banco amplie seus serviços à comunidade e sirva de modelo e inspiração para outras favelas.

Alessandra Figueiredo, Elena Veríssimo, Samara Franco - 1 February, 2022


Mapping the Care of People with URBELatam

URBELatam, a partnership of three universities, is working with the Preventório Community Bank to map the Morro do Preventório community near Rio de Janeiro. This will enable the bank to expand its services to the community and serve as a model and inspiration for other favela communities.

Alessandra Figueiredo, Elena Veríssimo, Samara Franco - 1 February, 2022


How does pollution stall productivity? Studying Monrovia's Duala Market

The World Bank, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and iLab Liberia partnered to assess how pollution and lack of infrastructure was impeding the productivity of the Duala Market, Monrovia's largest wholesale market.

Jess Beutler, Benjamin Dills, Carter Draper, Soraya Goga, Swati Sachdeva - 27 January, 2022


Hub de Mapeo Abierto en LATAM - Actualización diciembre 2021

Nos alegra compartir una actualización sobre cómo en HOT planeamos aumentar nuestro apoyo al Mapeo Abierto en la región de LATAM para encontrar formas de conectar los datos geoespaciales y el esfuerzo de la comunidad hacia el bien común.

Rubén Martín - 2 December, 2021


Open Mapping Hub in LATAM - December 2021 update

We are excited to share with you an update on how at HOT we plan to increase our support to Open Mapping on the LATAM region to find ways to connect geospatial data and community effort towards collective well-being!

Rubén Martín - 2 December, 2021


Reaching Inaccessible Communities Through Road Mapping for Sustainable Development

Since 2017, HOT has partnered with Facebook to build up and improve the data in OSM, particularly for countries in Southeast Asia where HOT has extensive experience in generating open geodata for humanitarian actions.

Carter Draper, Dinar Adiatma, Tonny John Kanyenye - 25 October, 2021


HOT-MERL is Monitoring OSM and Tasking Manager Projects Across our Priority Countries

HeiGIT and HOT have partnered to extend the Humanitarian OSM Stats website to help relay mapping statistics to the public. It includes data, not only from HOT Tasking Manager projects, but also from all the other OSM contributors.

Benjamin Herfort - 18 October, 2021


The Language Localization Project: Enabling Inclusion and Participation

Together with the local communities and contributors from Vietnam, Madagascar, and Mozambique, as well as the Open Mapping Hubs in the Asia-Pacific and East & Southern Africa, the Localization Project aims to develop baseline data to inform a self-sustainable Localization Strategy. We aim to bridge the gap between language and accessibility of Humanitarian Open Mapping resources.

Arnalie Vicario, Rubén Martín, Dolly Andriatsiferana, Faneva Andriamiadantsoa, Vũ Phạm Minh Tuấn, Huy Nguyen, Rodolfo Pedro, Pechiçoane Pechiço, Dinércia Macaringue, Daniel Mapsanganhe, Emerson Lopes, Rosário Mulhui, Vânia Muianga, Edmilson Fuel, Geoffrey Kateregga, Mikko Tamura - 14 October, 2021

Vietnam, Madagascar, Mozambique

Launching: She Leads and She Inspires - Women in Leadership Program

“I raise up my voice - not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when...

Awantika Pal - 12 October, 2021


Board Election Results from the 2021 Annual Meeting

Thursday, 7 October, at HOT's Annual General Meeting, the HOT Voting Membership elected 5 members to the Board of Directors, 1 new Voting Membership Chairperson, and approved 4 amendments to the organization's Bylaws.

Chad Blevins - 8 October, 2021


Announcing Booster Grants for Communities and Organizations in the Asia-Pacific

The Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific is excited to announce the “Booster Grants” to meet the hub's vision to “create a sustainable OSM ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Awantika Pal - 23 September, 2021


Before-After Maps: Visualizing OSM Mapping Contribution Over Time

Adding map data on OpenStreetMap transforms a blank canvas into a visual representation of places and communities where people live. However, it is often...

Aishworya Shrestha - 16 September, 2021


Announcing the Open Mapping Grants for communities and organizations in Eastern and Southern Africa

The Open Mapping Hub Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) is excited to announce the Open Mapping Grants to meet the hub's strategic aim to contribute to HOT’s goal of mapping an area home to one billion people in areas vulnerable to disasters or experiencing multidimensional poverty across 94 countries; including 22 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Elaine Muigai, Geoffrey Kateregga - 13 September, 2021


OSM Kerala - The past, present, and future.

An overview of OSM Kerala's inspiring journey and continued efforts to strengthen the use of OSM in Kerala for disaster response and community development.

Manoj Karingamadathil, Ark Arjun, Awantika Pal - 30 July, 2021


HOT Summit 2021 Call for Proposals

The 2021 HOT Summit Call for Proposals is now open! Submit your ideas for panels and talks today! Deadline is 31 August. ¡La Convocatoria de propuestas para la Cumbre HOT 2021 está abierta! Envía tus ideas para paneles y charlas hoy mismo. La fecha límite es el 31 de agosto. Appel à propositions pour le Sommet HOT 2021

15 July, 2021