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Mikel Maron

Voting Member


Mikel Maron initiated humanitarian mapping in OpenStreetMap in 2005 and co-founded the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team organization. He has served as President of the Board, and Chair of Voting Members. Mikel Maron currently leads the Community team at Mapbox, helping to grow the adoption of open geo data in humanitarian organizations, governments and education, and advancing work with OpenStreetMap. As Presidential Innovation Fellow at the US State Department Mikel drove OpenStreetMap adoption across federal agencies. He is co-founder of Map Kibera and GroundTruth Initiative and Board member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. He holds a master’s degree in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex, and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz.


HOT Board and Chair Elections

HOT Community, in a few hours, we will open nominations for Board and Chair elections! These are the key governance roles for HOT Voting...

1 March, 2017

HOTOSM recognized by the President of Mexico during Internet Day 2016

(Welcome and thank you Miriam Gonzalez for this guest post, sharing recognition by the President of Mexico of HOT during Hurricane Patricia! -Mikel) On "Internet Day",...

31 May, 2016

HOT Annual Meeting and Election Results

HOT Voting Members held their Annual General Meeting today, where we heard annual reports from HOT’s Executive Director, Board President, and Members Chair, and...

5 May, 2016

The Global Footprint of HOT

Guest post by Pratik Yadav, data analyst at Mapbox. The HOT Tasking Manager (TM) has been the critical tool for rapid and massive coordination...

8 February, 2016

White House Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery Initiative Demo Day

You may have seen a few shout outs on twitter from last months disaster technology event at the White House. Albert Gembara’s talk is...

21 August, 2014

A new version of Tasking Manager

Last week we launched a new Version 2 update to the “Tasking Manager”. This popular tool created by H.O.T. allows people to view a...

21 July, 2014

Peace Corps + OpenStreetMap

The Peace Corps and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have been collaborating for over a year. To me its a natural connection. Peace Corps Volunteers (known...

10 February, 2014

Have Spare Holiday Time? Contribute with HOT Mapping

Many of us have spare quiet moments in the Christmas and New Year holiday season. We've gorged ourselves on food, cleaned up wripped apart wrapping paper, and maybe had a little time to relax and reflect. Now, If you're looking for something to occupy your time these days as your energy builds for the new year, you're more than welcome to join in and map HOT tasks, and make a solid contribution to places in humanitarian crisis right at this moment.

27 December, 2013

Comprehensive Report on Mali Activation

Early this year, HOT was activated in Mali. Pierre Beland took the lead on this activation, and produced for OCHA this excellent report. Recommended...

29 April, 2013

State Department Launches Imagery to the Crowd

The State Department Humanitarian Information Unit has launched Imagery to the Crowd![inline:Screen-Shot-2013-04-24-at-2.24.34-PM.png]This is important formal recognition of the partnership we've built over the past couple years. The premise is simple enough. HOT needs current aerial imagery to create up to date maps following a disaster event. The US government acquires that kind of imagery from commercial providers. Sharing the imagery with the OSM community means better maps for responders.

25 April, 2013

Hottie Humberto Yances presents the La Boquilla Project

Humberto Yances has written up his wonderful OSM community work in La Boquilla, and HOT wants to share great work by HOT members (note, this is not a formal HOT project). From an idea, to engagement, to mapping, to distribution, to use, La Boquilla clearly demonstrates what can happen with an open, networked, community based approach. [inline:equipo.jpg]From these evocative beginnings ...

24 April, 2013

Update from the Red Cross on Gulu and Lira

An update and thank you from Robert Banick at the American Red Cross on Gulu and Lira mapping

The first stage of the Red Cross's on-the-ground mapping exercises are wrapping up and I wanted to provide an update to all the incredible volunteers who got us this far.

[inline:2012-09-06 12.57.56 HDR.jpg]Your contributions to OSM were huge to us in Gulu, where we led a training on GIS basics for 12 Uganda Red Cross Society members. OSM in Gulu was used throughout to ground the course in real data: our GPS exercises were about collecting data for OSM and our mapping sessions made heavy use of the Gulu data. Uganda Red Cross staff were pretty delighted to see their contributions go right into the map. [inline:Gulu Fire Risk.png]

22 October, 2012

OpenStreetMap at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Disaster Simulation

Last year I spent a bitterly cold day in a forest in Massachusetts, witnessing how people who have never experienced a disaster somehow prepare for taking part in a response. Instructive, frightening, and sometimes funny. Jennifer Chan has been bringing information tools into the process, with an Ushahidi instance last year. This year, there was the opportunity to bring OSM into the mix, and Christian Spanring, Kate Chapman, and myself helped to bring some maps together for the sim.

25 May, 2012

Wrapping up the Libyan Health Facility Activation

On January 14, we formally closed HOT's activation to help map health facilities in Libya.

This was definitely a new kind of activity for HOT. To start, we were directly by WHO to take part, and staff at the Tunis WMC office was incredibly active in the entire process.

31 January, 2012

Activation to Map Libyan Health Facilities

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked HOT and the Stand By Task Force (SBTF) to activate to map health facilities in in Libya....

20 December, 2011

The Amazing OSM Community, and the Tasking Server, Maps Swaziland

One month ago, I asked what to do with 10 million GPS points, and it turns out one awesome answer is map an entire...

11 November, 2011

Activation in Somalia

HOT has activated to improve OSM, for the drought and famine crisis in East Africa. Read on for the background, the actions we're taking,...

19 August, 2011

Haiti OSM Mapping for Japan and Libya

The COSMHA team came in for a training today on aerial imagery tracing and some review of fundamentals. Despite the initial remote Haiti OSM...

15 March, 2011

An Midday Hour of Mapping on LogBase in Port au Prince

Erica and I have been in Haiti for almost a week. Inspiring and overwhelming, and lots to talk about. But for this moment, just...

11 March, 2011

Tufts Crisis Mapping Class

The Tufts University Crisis Mapping Class is surveying the tools, ideas, and networks in new approaches to crisis response. There was a class on...

17 February, 2011

Please join! HOT conference call, February 16 12pm EST

Hello all, It's been an amazing year for OpenStreetMap and the H.O.T. community. We've supported humanitarian efforts and built capacities on every continent. Starting...

9 February, 2011

How to improve our work in Haiti? MapMaker and OSM thoughts too by Mikel

This is a question I'm considering a lot "¦ filtered through the brief rushes of reading the amazing crisismappers list, diving into OSM on...

19 June, 2010

Haiti, Mission 2 by Mikel

Nicolas Chavent and Dane Springmeyer are now on Haitian soil for HOT. It was just a few weeks ago that Nicolas and Robert returned...

10 May, 2010

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Deploying to Haiti by Mikel

This weekend, Nicolas Chavent and Robert Soden will deploy to Haiti for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. MapAction and OCHA are facilitating this mission, with...

17 March, 2010

HOT List by Mikel

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team now has a mailing list. During crisis, the HOT list supports coordination among the OSM community, along side appropriate local...

2 March, 2010

Humanitarian OSM Team: Haiti Strategy and Proposal

Who, what, where, and how are all open questions. Why is simple "¦ OpenStreetMap has demonstrated incredible value in Haiti and we need to...

9 February, 2010

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