Malaria Elimination Campaign

HOT and DigitalGlobe Team Up to Help Eliminate Malaria

HOT and DigitalGlobe have teamed up to identify and map populated places in an area of interest covering over 500,000 square kilometers in Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe), Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos) and Central America (Guatemala, Honduras) to support the Clinton Health Access Initiative's malaria program.

The tasks for mapping will be continually updated here. If you're new to mapping, you can get started with these quick training videos:

1. Create an OpenStreetMap account

2. Select a task to map

3. Learn to map buildings and roads

4. Save and complete your task


You can also contribute to our MapSwipe campaign for identifying populated places in Cambodia and Laos.

Project type:
Disaster mapping
Dec, 1 2016 to Jul, 1 2017