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🗺 ¡Ayuda a impulsar OpenStreetMap en Latinoamérica!

25 March, 2021


HOT es una ONG global dedicada a la acción humanitaria y el desarrollo comunitario a través del mapeo abierto y necesitamos su ayuda para tomar una decisión importante relacionada con el apoyo de la comunidad OpenStreetMap en la región de América Latina y el Caribe.

Asia and the Pacific Hub launches Facebook Community Impact Microgrants

Three communities in the Asia-Pacific have been selected as recipients of the Facebook Community Impact Microgrant. Congratulations to OSM Fiji, MapBeks in the Philippines, and the Geomatics Engineering Society at Kathmandu University!

Mikko Tamura, Sophie Mower - 11 March, 2021

Fiji, Nepal, Philippines

Building a Global Network to Map for COVID-19 Response

With support from the Humanitarian-to-Humanitarian Network, HOT has engaged the global humanitarian mapping community to support local Covid-19 responses in the biggest disaster activation in HOT's history.

Russell Deffner, Antoni Ros Martinez, Claudio de los Reyes - 3 March, 2021


Resilience Mappers from Uganda is our Summit 2020 Microgrant awardee!

Congratulations to Resilience Mappers for being selected as the recipient of the hOSM Summit 2020 microgrant!

Geoffrey Kateregga, Sophie Mower, Mikko Tamura - 3 February, 2021


January 2021: New Field Mapping Strategy, Data Validator Selection, OSMPH Meeting — HOT Philippines

In order to speed up the validation process for the PhilAWARE project, the HOT Philippines team is opening a validator selection process for local volunteers. OpenStreetMap Philippines also held our annual planning this month.

Jikka Defiño - 26 January, 2021


Community Data for Improved Disaster Management and Urban Planning — Mwanza, Tanzania (by OMDTZ)

OpenMap Development Tanzania reports on mapping and capacity building in Mwanza City, Tanzania.

OpenMap Development Tanzania - 26 January, 2021


LGBT advocates and allies map the most unmapped towns in the Philippines on OpenStreetMap (by MapBeks)

With support from a Facebook Community Impact Microgrant, MapBeks and the Philippine mapping community have been working to map the most remote and unmapped towns in the Philippines.

MapBeks - 25 January, 2021


Introducing the HOT Community Team

Over the past few months, HOT has assembled a six-person community team to support humanitarian OpenStreetMap community growth across 94 countries. Meet the members and welcome them to the HOT staff team.

Rebecca Firth, Geoffrey Kateregga, Rubén Martín, Pete Masters, Sophie Mower, Mikko Tamura, Arnalie Vicario - 8 January, 2021


Developing a Web Map Repository of Kampala’s Informal Settlements (by Resilience Mappers)

Resilience Mappers has built a web dashboard for geospatial data to support efforts by the Ugandan government to help residents of low-income communities who have been most affected by Covid-19 lockdowns.

Resilience Mappers, Sophie Mower - 6 January, 2021


Mapping Makoko Using Drones and Canoes

A floating inner-city slum is in the process of being mapped to make a case for improved public services and land ownership.

Anton Marshall - 4 January, 2021


Using OpenStreetMap Data to Support Emergency Ambulance Response Service and Mapping of COVID-19 Amenities in Northeast Nigeria (by Humanitarian Mappers)

Humanitarian Mappers of Nigeria is using collaborative mapping to track Covid and improve ambulance services in a region already facing insecurity and conflict.

Kazeem Owolabi, Sophie Mower - 29 December, 2020


Population Counts: Aiming humanitarian mappers at populated areas with Disaster Ninja (by Kontur)

Correlating OpenStreetMap data with population density helps activate disaster mapping solely where it has humanitarian impact.

Kontur - 28 December, 2020


Community Impact Program (by Yer Çizenler)

Yer Çizenler is adding Turkish language support to OpenStreetMap related tools, translating existing OpenStreetMap documents into Turkish and expanding the infrastructure of Yer Çizenler’s volunteer base while considering gender equality and community diversity.

Oğuzhan Er, Sophie Mower - 23 December, 2020


Activity Summary of PDC Indonesia 2020

We are very close to the end of 2020. Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) Indonesia has many magnificent stories to share and activities that we have accomplished in 2020. We have categorized our activities into three different categories: Capacity Development, COVID-19 Response, Community Engagement.

Adhitya Dido Widyanto - 22 December, 2020


Crowdmapping in the Midst of a Pandemic (by Map Kibera)

Map Kibera shares their experience crowdmapping during the Covid-19 pandemic to create public health data in Kenya.

Peter Agenga, Sophie Mower - 21 December, 2020


The PhilAWARE Project: A Year-End Report

This year, remote mapping for Quezon City and the Province of Pampanga were completed, and a new pilot area, Marikina City, was added. Furthermore, field data collection has progressed well in Pampanga despite the pandemic.

Feye Andal, Jikka Defiño - 20 December, 2020