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HOT Microgrant 2020 Community Capstone Project (by Mental Health AWHEREness)

16 April, 2021


Mental Health AWHEREness PH shares the work that they did through HOT's Microgrant program.They trained community members in mapping mental health services in the Philippines.

OMDTZ Community Impact Microgrants Call — 2021

Open Map Development Tanzania is looking for at least eight Tanzanian OSM communities to receive microgrants. Applications are due by 5 May 2021.

Hawa Adinani - 15 April, 2021


How Users’ Experience Impacts Project Completion and Retention

Gloria Urrea, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Eunae Yoo, University of Tennessee, partnered with HOT to conduct research that has produced valuable insights for HOT and other organizations using the Tasking Manager. Here, they summarize their research project that examines the impact of users’ experience on project completion and retention.

Eunae Yoo, Gloria Urrea - 14 April, 2021


Mentoring a Community Through a Microgrant Application

As part of the most recent call for Facebook Community Impact Microgrant applications, HOT tried a new mentorship approach to supporting OpenStreetMap (OSM) community members through the application process.

Sophie Mower - 13 April, 2021


PDC PhilAWARE: Field Mapping Completion, the e-Learning Platform, and Map Presentation to Stakeholders

This month, the HOT Philippines team completed the required field work for the PhilAWARE project and is now presenting output maps to stakeholders. HOT is also working with PDC to prepare an e-Learning platform to remotely support stakeholder mapping initiatives.

Jikka Defiño - 30 March, 2021


How We Responded to Covid-19 Pandemic by Mapping Ugandan Border Entry Towns (by MapUganda)

MapUganda has been mapping Ugandan border towns to help local health responders monitor potential avenues for Covid transmission.

MapUganda, Stellamaris Wavamunno Nakacwa, Ngumenawe Samson - 30 March, 2021


Supporting Covid-19 Response in Mongolia via Community Mapping (by Public Lab Mongolia)

In the course of their Covid-19 Rapid Response Microgrant, Public Lab Mongolia has put thousands of health, service, and infrastructure sites on the map while training a team of mappers from across the country.

Public Lab Mongolia, Erdenetsogt Su, Enkhtungalag C. - 30 March, 2021


Exposure Data and Models Shared with Disaster Management Stakeholders in Tanzania

The METEOR project has been a three-year initiative supported by the UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme to generate disaster exposure data and models in two pilot countries — Tanzania and Nepal. The process has since been repeated in another 45 official development assistance countries.

Hawa Adinani - 25 March, 2021


A Joint Approach to Facilitate Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery

"Rolling out a vaccine against Covid-19 is the most pressing challenge of our time - and nobody wins the race until everyone wins." - Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization - GAVI

Disaster Services Team - 25 March, 2021


🗺 ¡Ayuda a impulsar OpenStreetMap en Latinoamérica!

HOT es una ONG global dedicada a la acción humanitaria y el desarrollo comunitario a través del mapeo abierto y necesitamos su ayuda para tomar una decisión importante relacionada con el apoyo de la comunidad OpenStreetMap en la región de América Latina y el Caribe.

Edgar Lemus Pablo - 25 March, 2021


Asia and the Pacific Hub launches Facebook Community Impact Microgrants

Three communities in the Asia-Pacific have been selected as recipients of the Facebook Community Impact Microgrant. Congratulations to OSM Fiji, MapBeks in the Philippines, and the Geomatics Engineering Society at Kathmandu University!

Mikko Tamura, Sophie Mower - 11 March, 2021

Fiji, Nepal, Philippines

Building a Global Network to Map for COVID-19 Response

With support from the Humanitarian-to-Humanitarian Network, HOT has engaged the global humanitarian mapping community to support local Covid-19 responses in the biggest disaster activation in HOT's history.

Russell Deffner, Antoni Ros Martinez, Claudio de los Reyes - 3 March, 2021


Resilience Mappers from Uganda is our Summit 2020 Microgrant awardee!

Congratulations to Resilience Mappers for being selected as the recipient of the hOSM Summit 2020 microgrant!

Geoffrey Kateregga, Sophie Mower, Mikko Tamura - 3 February, 2021


January 2021: New Field Mapping Strategy, Data Validator Selection, OSMPH Meeting — HOT Philippines

In order to speed up the validation process for the PhilAWARE project, the HOT Philippines team is opening a validator selection process for local volunteers. OpenStreetMap Philippines also held our annual planning this month.

Jikka Defiño - 26 January, 2021


Community Data for Improved Disaster Management and Urban Planning — Mwanza, Tanzania (by OMDTZ)

OpenMap Development Tanzania reports on mapping and capacity building in Mwanza City, Tanzania.

OpenMap Development Tanzania - 26 January, 2021


LGBT advocates and allies map the most unmapped towns in the Philippines on OpenStreetMap (by MapBeks)

With support from a Facebook Community Impact Microgrant, MapBeks and the Philippine mapping community have been working to map the most remote and unmapped towns in the Philippines.

MapBeks - 25 January, 2021