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GIS Training for LEGIT stakeholders in Liberia

David Luswata

16 February, 2018


From the use of classic GPS to the smartphone: how OsmAnd allows students of the UGLCS YouthMappers chapter to collect data in the field

*Guest Blog – TOUPANE Tino Raphaël, OSM Guinea*   To help map unmapped communities, students at Lansana Conte University in Sonfonia, Conakry, have created a...

Amelia Hunt - 14 February, 2018


HOT 2018 Microgrants Programme Launch!

HOT 2018 Microgrants Programme Launches!   Many OSM communities around the world are achieving amazing results on zero or near-zero budgets. HOT wants to...

Rebecca Firth - 6 February, 2018


Thanks to you we're mapping the difference for disasters in 2018!

We wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of our individual donors who are helping to #mapthedifference in 2018. Your...

Rachel VanNice - 31 January, 2018


Community Mapping in North Uganda - Intrepid Refugees and Host Community Compare Needs

Despite the constant coverage of the refugee crisis in the mediterranean, in which 150,000 refugees per year have arguably tipped the scales on Brexit,...

Rupert Allan - 24 January, 2018


Nethope Device Challenge: providing devices and training to 12 OSM communities - update!

In 2017, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team received a grant from Nethope as part of the Device Challenge, which aims to reduce barriers to technology to...

Amelia Hunt - 18 January, 2018


Funds for community-led projects to improve resilience to disasters and crises: the 2018 HOT Microgrants program

2018 Microgrants Program   Part of HOT’s mission is to enable anyone, anywhere to map their community. OpenStreetMap (OSM) community leaders worldwide are achieving amazing...

Rebecca Firth - 17 January, 2018


Help Support 3 Local OpenStreetMap Communities Dealing With Disaster!

2018 has taken no time off from disasters and HOT is supporting three local OpenStreetMap communities with their response to events in their countries, read more to find out how you can help...

Russell Deffner - 16 January, 2018


Expanding the mapping community in Turkey

In 2017 HOT received a device grant from Nethope to minimise barriers to community mapping projects by providing additional access to technology and connectivity....

Amelia Hunt - 10 January, 2018


The First State of the Map Tanzania - 2017

On the 8th to 10th December Crowd2Map collaborated with Ramani Huria to host the first state of the map conference in Dar es Salaam,...

Innocent Maholi - 13 December, 2017


OpenStreetMap Niger: Scaling with the help of a Microgrant

*Guest blog: Samaila Alio, OSM Niger* OSM Niger OpenStreetMap Niger is a community of youth aiming to promote OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping and open data...

Amelia Hunt - 11 December, 2017


Mapping Arsenic Contamination - Youth Mappers at AUW Bangladesh

*Guest Blog – Paromita Basak, AUW Youth Mappers Bangladesh*   Why create a mapping Project on Arsenic? Arsenic poisoning from drinking water in Bangladesh...

Amelia Hunt - 6 December, 2017


OpenStreetMap & QGIS Training for geology students in Bamako, Mali

*Guest Blog – Nathalie Sidibe, OSM Mali* In 2017 HOT received a grant from Nethope to provide devices (smartphones, laptops) to reduce barriers to community...

Amelia Hunt - 5 December, 2017


We can #mapthedifference together in 2018!

You’ve supported us to put the world’s most vulnerable places on the map- through hundreds of millions of edits, thousands of hours, and a...

Rachel VanNice - 28 November, 2017


HOT Tech in 2018

This year has been a busy year for technology within the HOT community. We launched new versions of nearly all the core HOT tools...

Nate Smith - 22 November, 2017


Calling All Validators (and Mappers)!

HOT begins to transition mapping of critical data in response to the Mexico Earthquakes, South Asia Floods, Caribbean Hurricanes and West Pacific Volcano threats back to local communities. It’s during this crucial time that we ask for mappers to become validators, and make an important second look to ensure the mapping was done as instructed.

Russell Deffner - 10 November, 2017