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Catalyzing Women in Disaster Response: Insights from Women Mappers in the Caribbean

Discover how women mappers in the Caribbean are leading the charge in disaster response through open mapping. Gain valuable insights from their experiences and expertise as they inspire and catalyze their communities in small island developing states. Explore the transformative impact of women-led projects shaping a stronger, more resilient future in this insightful blog.

Mariana Marín — — 5 March, 2024

Catalyzing Impact: Inaugural Micro-Grants by HOT and Caribbean School of Data

Uncover the impact of transformative geospatial initiatives with HOT and the Caribbean School of Data (CSOD)'s Micro-Grants success story. Explore diverse projects addressing critical community issues in Guyana and Jamaica, and celebrate the innovation as it propels sustainable change, from rice cultivation to climate resilience.

— 25 January, 2024

Announcement of HOT and Caribbean School of Data Partnership: Open Mapping Technical Training in the Caribbean Region

We are partnering with the Mona School of Business and Management's (MSBM) Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) project to launch an Open Mapping Technical Training program in the Caribbean.

Shazmane Mandjee Rehamtula — — 16 December, 2022

¿Cómo mejorar la preparación y la capacidad de respuesta de las comunidades ante los desastres en América Latina y el Caribe con datos geoespaciales creados de manera participativa?

HOT, en colaboración con el Fondo Mundial para la Reducción y Recuperación de Desastres (Global Fund for Disaster Reduction and Recovery) y la Fundación SwissRE, se enorgullece de anunciar el proyecto Ciudades Abiertas América Latina y el Caribe.

Céline Jacquin — — 21 June, 2021

How can we improve community disaster preparedness and response capacities with crowdsourced spatial data in Latin America and the Caribbean?

HOT, in collaboration with the Global Fund for Disaster Reduction and Recovery and SwissRE Foundation, is proud to announce the Open Cities Latin America and the Caribbean project.

Céline Jacquin — — 7 June, 2021

Open Data, Open Mapping: TeachOSM in the Caribbean

Steven Johnson — — 31 August, 2015