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HOT Indonesia Completed Mapping Lifeline Infrastructures in Semarang

1 November, 2018


Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team has completed mapping Semarang, the capital and largest city of Central Java. A city of 373.8 square kilometres and a home to over 1,5 million people, Semarang is the fifth largest city in Indonesia. The city's unique topography-- coastal lowland to the north and bumpy highlands to the south--makes it particularly prone to tidal flood and landslides.

Hacktoberfest Update: Tasking Manager Improvements and More

Hacktoberfest has been a great success and has helped support many of our core open source projects. Check out the progress and continue to get involved during the last week of the month.

Nate Smith, Ethan Nelson - 23 October, 2018


Participatory Mapping Toolkit: A Guide For Refugee Contexts

The world continues to witness some of the highest levels of displacement on record, with nearly 70 million people who have been forced from...

William Evans - 17 October, 2018

Uganda, Turkey

HOT Endorses the Principles for Digital Development

In October 2018, HOT officially endorsed the Principles for Digital Development, joining just over 100 organizations who have done so to date. The Digital Principles are nine “living” guidelines designed to help digital development practitioners integrate established best practices into technology-enabled programs. The Principles focus heavily on many of HOT's core values, including community, openness, collaboration, and innovation and will continue to guide our work going forward.

Tyler Radford - 16 October, 2018


OSM Sri Lanka Community and impact of HOT Micro Grants for the continuation to contribute to develop open geo-spatial data.

Since May 2018, the HOT Microgrants program has supported the OSM Sri Lanka Community to conduct a series of workshops and training programs throughout the country, including underdeveloped rural areas, Universities, and Local Authorities.

11 October, 2018

Sri Lanka

GeoChicas: Mapping the path of women after the earthquake in Oaxaca

The earthquakes that occurred in September 2017 in Mexico affected different areas of the country, including Mexico City, Chiapas and the State of Oaxaca.

Geoffrey Kateregga - 5 October, 2018


Hacktoberfest: A Call for Contributing to Social Impact Projects

Join in the celebration of open source software by contributing to the Tasking Manager or other open source projects maintained by HOT.

Nate Smith - 4 October, 2018


Getting to grips on tag quality with MapCampaigner

Last year at State of the Map in Boulder we announced a new tool called MapCampaigner. Today we're opening it up to anyone to create campaigns.

Nate Smith - 25 September, 2018


Open Imagery for Humanitarian Mapping

Analysis of imagery source use within the Tasking Manager

Ramya Ragupathy, Nate Smith - 19 September, 2018


Integrating Machine Learning into the Tasking Manager: Notes on a Direction

We're moving towards how we leverage machine learning tools to improve data quality and help mappers map. Above is a shot from our design workshop we held at the HOT Summit in Dar es Salaam on August 31. Read more below about our ideas and a direction we'd like to see within the Tasking Manager.

Nate Smith - 17 September, 2018


HOT Summit at FOSS4G 2018- Combining Communities in Dar es Salaam

This year’s HOT Summit was unique for many reasons, it was the first held in Africa and the first to be integrated into and...

Sıla Alıcı - 17 September, 2018


HOT board meeting in Dar Es Salaam

HOT straddles a line between a community organisation and a humanitarian NGO and the balance between the two is not always easy to maintain. However, we believe that it is important to try and achieve this, remaining true to the open, transparent and participatory nature of the community that HOT evolved from whilst delivering value through humanitarian action and development. This feedback from the in-person HOT board meeting in August outlines some of the ways we want to evolve HOT to enable these powerful twin aims.

17 September, 2018


Ripples of HOT Micro Grant's Impact on UniqueMappersTeam Community

Taking off from 12th June,2017,as UniqueMappersTeam and a Local community of OpenStreetMap in Nigeria, I looked forward to some support to empower and sustain...

Victor N Sunday - 16 September, 2018


Website Update: Interactive Maps

A round up of recent major pushes to the website through Outreachy.

Ramya Ragupathy - 14 September, 2018


MAPATHON : Mapping disaster prone areas

Guest blog, Ashish Chalise, Geomatics Engineering Students’ Association of Nepal (GESAN.)

Sıla Alıcı - 11 September, 2018