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The Inaugral Data for Development Festival

From the 21st to 23rd March 2018 I was fortunate to attend and speak at the Data for Development Festival, the inaugural in-person gathering...

Geoffrey Kateregga - 8 April, 2018


World Health Day: The maps that are making the difference

In 1854 one map made medical history and changed the way we represent health data forever. The map, produced by John Snow, marked cholera...

Amelia Hunt - 7 April, 2018


Local Indonesia OSM Chapter teams up with HOT and Facebook to improve road coverage in Indonesia.

HOT has been mapping Indonesia for disaster preparedness and resiliency since 2011. However, there is still a lot of road network missing outside the major cities. Learn how the local community is working with Facebook to fill in the gaps using artificial intelligence tools.

Russell Deffner - 4 April, 2018


Empowering female mappers in Nigeria

Guest blog from LetGirlsMap, UniqueMappersTeam, Nigeria - Alooma Jennifer, Dike Chinecherem, Ebere Emmanuella

Amelia Hunt - 28 March, 2018


Update: Open Data Day in Mwanza, Tanzania

Guest Blog - Janet Chapman, Founder of Crowd2Map and Campaigns Manager Tanzania Development Trust

Amelia Hunt - 26 March, 2018


Improving Access to Health Facilities in Dar es Salaam

Written by Hawa Adinani and Amelia Hunt - HOT Tanzania team

Amelia Hunt - 21 March, 2018

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HOT InAWARE Project Relocates to Mapping Lifeline Infrastructures in Semarang

By the end of 2017, HOT concluded the mapping of lifeline infrastructure in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. Our data entry specialists swept through 44 subdistricts...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 12 March, 2018


International Women’s Day 2018: #pressforprogress

Scroll down for Spanish

Rebecca Firth - 7 March, 2018


Newly-revealed Shina boundaries offer unprecedented hyperlocal data for decisionmakers

Recent population figures estimate Dar es Salaam’s population to be over 5 million, with an annual population growth of 5.7%. Despite the rapid growth of the city, almost 70% of the city is comprised of informal unplanned settlements - a figure that is predicted to grow dramatically as the city expands.

Hawa Adinani, Amelia Hunt - 26 February, 2018


GIS Training for LEGIT stakeholders in Liberia

2017 was a busy year in Liberia, being crowned up with the first peaceful and democratic transition of power in 47 years, and football...

David Luswata - 16 February, 2018


From the use of classic GPS to the smartphone: how OsmAnd allows students of the UGLCS YouthMappers chapter to collect data in the field

*Guest Blog – TOUPANE Tino Raphaël, OSM Guinea*   To help map unmapped communities, students at Lansana Conte University in Sonfonia, Conakry, have created a...

Amelia Hunt - 14 February, 2018


HOT 2018 Microgrants Programme Launch!

HOT 2018 Microgrants Programme Launches!   Many OSM communities around the world are achieving amazing results on zero or near-zero budgets. HOT wants to...

Rebecca Firth - 6 February, 2018


Thanks to you we're mapping the difference for disasters in 2018!

We wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of our individual donors who are helping to #mapthedifference in 2018. Your...

Rachel VanNice - 31 January, 2018


Community Mapping in North Uganda - Intrepid Refugees and Host Community Compare Needs

Despite the constant coverage of the refugee crisis in the mediterranean, in which 150,000 refugees per year have arguably tipped the scales on Brexit,...

Rupert Allan - 24 January, 2018


Nethope Device Challenge: providing devices and training to 12 OSM communities - update!

In 2017, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team received a grant from Nethope as part of the Device Challenge, which aims to reduce barriers to technology to...

Amelia Hunt - 18 January, 2018