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Hacktoberfest: A Call for Contributing to Social Impact Projects

Nate Smith

4 October, 2018


Join in the celebration of open source software by contributing to the Tasking Manager or other open source projects maintained by HOT.

Getting to grips on tag quality with MapCampaigner

Last year at State of the Map in Boulder we announced a new tool called MapCampaigner. Today we're opening it up to anyone to create campaigns.

Nate Smith - 25 September, 2018


Open Imagery for Humanitarian Mapping

Analysis of imagery source use within the Tasking Manager

Ramya Ragupathy, Nate Smith - 19 September, 2018


Integrating Machine Learning into the Tasking Manager: Notes on a Direction

We're moving towards how we leverage machine learning tools to improve data quality and help mappers map. Above is a shot from our design workshop we held at the HOT Summit in Dar es Salaam on August 31. Read more below about our ideas and a direction we'd like to see within the Tasking Manager.

Nate Smith - 17 September, 2018


HOT Summit at FOSS4G 2018- Combining Communities in Dar es Salaam

This year’s HOT Summit was unique for many reasons, it was the first held in Africa and the first to be integrated into and...

Sıla Alıcı - 17 September, 2018


HOT board meeting in Dar Es Salaam

HOT straddles a line between a community organisation and a humanitarian NGO and the balance between the two is not always easy to maintain. However, we believe that it is important to try and achieve this, remaining true to the open, transparent and participatory nature of the community that HOT evolved from whilst delivering value through humanitarian action and development. This feedback from the in-person HOT board meeting in August outlines some of the ways we want to evolve HOT to enable these powerful twin aims.

17 September, 2018


Ripples of HOT Micro Grant's Impact on UniqueMappersTeam Community

Taking off from 12th June,2017,as UniqueMappersTeam and a Local community of OpenStreetMap in Nigeria, I looked forward to some support to empower and sustain...

Victor N Sunday - 16 September, 2018


Website Update: Interactive Maps

A round up of recent major pushes to the website through Outreachy.

Ramya Ragupathy - 14 September, 2018


MAPATHON : Mapping disaster prone areas

Guest blog, Ashish Chalise, Geomatics Engineering Students’ Association of Nepal (GESAN.)

Sıla Alıcı - 11 September, 2018


OSM Benin: growing local mapping with a HOT Microgrant

Guest blog - Luc Kpogbe, OSM Benin

Rebecca Firth - 7 September, 2018


Launching Visualize Change!

Today we’re launching Visualize Change, a new tool to see the change of OpenStreetMap over time. Anyone can automate the creation of embedded and...

Nate Smith - 4 September, 2018


State of the Map 2018: reflections on inclusivity

The beauty of OpenStreetMap is it’s potential to be the most inclusive and representative map there is. Inclusion has long been discussed in the...

Rebecca Firth - 24 August, 2018


Exploring the possibilities of mapping and identity in Cusco, Peru

Using a Nethope Device Grant to empower young people in Peru

14 August, 2018


HOT Conversations at State of the Map 2018

There has been a lot of activity lately within the HOT Community and we’re ready to share this at State of the Map 2018...

Nate Smith, Amelia Hunt, Russell Deffner - 28 July, 2018


Community Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series

Join 15 OSM communities this July to hear about their experiences focusing on gender, youth, data integration, leave no one behind, and advocacy.

4 July, 2018

Niger and 14 other countries