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State of the Map US in DC!

Kate Chapman

11 April, 2014


"Back" at the OpenGov Hub

I reason I say "back" in quotes because since the last time I was at HOT's office in Washington D.C. 7 months ago it was in a completely different building. HOT is part of the OpenGov Hub which is a coworking place and center for open government related organizations in the Washington, DC area. We are part of the "mapping area" in conjunction with Ushahidi and the GroundTruth Initiative. The new OpenGov Hub space just opened on April 1st of this year. This is one of HOT's two permanent spaces the other we share with Wikimedia Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Kate Chapman - 9 April, 2014


A week in Lubumbashi (DRC)

Lundi 17 mars 2014 après-midi : je monte dans un avion en direction de Lubumbashi, dans le sud de la République Démocratique du Congo...

Jorieke Vyncke - 1 April, 2014


2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak Response

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team was asked to coordinate for the OpenStreetMap contributors to support the humanitarians by mapping in detail various towns where they...

Pierre Béland - 31 March, 2014


Réponse à la crise d'Ébola, Afrique de l'Ouest, 2014

L'équipe OpenStreetMap humanitaire agit à titre de contact entre la communauté  d'OpenStreetMap et les humanitaires pour cartographier en détail les différentes villes où les...

Pierre Béland - 31 March, 2014


Mapping Guinea: Help Wanted

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Switzerland rapidly needs maps of three towns in order to support their relief efforts of an ebola-like outbreak in Guinea....

Joseph Reeves - 26 March, 2014


OpenStreetMap on the Ground: Update from Kathmandu

I reported the HOT Community on OpenStreetMap work in Nepal in the beginning of 2013 (click here to see my post). Almost a year...

Nama Raj Budhathoki - 10 March, 2014


LearnOSM Updates

Recently we've made some improvements to LearnOSM, HOT's resource for learning to use OpenStreetMap from the ground up.  It's not always easy keeping up...

Jeff Haack - 18 February, 2014


Peace Corps + OpenStreetMap

The Peace Corps and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have been collaborating for over a year. To me its a natural connection. Peace Corps Volunteers (known...

Mikel Maron - 10 February, 2014


Support Haiyan/Yolanda Reconstruction: Contribute Public Use UaV (Drone) Imagery

An unprecedented number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) -- drones -- have been used to collect imagery after typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. But little coordination between projects appears to have occurred. Many types of response and recovery organizations can benefit from these "bird's eye" views of the typhoon affected areas.

Kate Chapman - 27 January, 2014


Activation HOT en République centrafricaine : état de la progression

Merci à tous les contribueurs qui ont aidé à cartographier Bangui et Zemio la semaine dernière !   J'ai effectué une revue de l'état de la progression...

Séverin Ménard - 18 January, 2014

Central African Republic

Some editing stats from the Typhoon Haiyan response

On Friday I presented a talk at the Open Data Institute on "Typhoon Crisis Mapping With OpenStreetMap". You can see the slides and notes...

Harry Wood - 14 January, 2014


HOT Monitoring for the current Crisis in South Sudan

South Sudan is currently a top humanitarian focus if we consider the number of publications over the week on ReliefWeb.  Since violence increased in...

Séverin Ménard - 5 January, 2014


Thank you Lokku and Happy New Year

HOT is fortunate to have generous supporters around the world. We are a small non-profit that is mainly funded upon projects. Every contribution and donation is...

Harry Wood - 4 January, 2014


Have Spare Holiday Time? Contribute with HOT Mapping

Many of us have spare quiet moments in the Christmas and New Year holiday season. We've gorged ourselves on food, cleaned up wripped apart wrapping paper, and maybe had a little time to relax and reflect. Now, If you're looking for something to occupy your time these days as your energy builds for the new year, you're more than welcome to join in and map HOT tasks, and make a solid contribution to places in humanitarian crisis right at this moment.

Mikel Maron - 27 December, 2013


2012 Financial Filings Posted

As part of our obligations as a 501(c)3 registered organization, we make our financial filings (known as "Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt From Income...

Schuyler Erle - 19 December, 2013