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Events and Disasters Timeline

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'pai Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami 2022 Size-up

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'pai Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami has been sized-up.

VO Volcanic Eruption - 16 January, 2022


Marshall Fire 2021 Size-up

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'pai Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami has been sized-up.

FR Fire - 5 January, 2022

United States

Tropical Cyclone Odette Response

Tropical Cyclone Odette 2021 Response are activities that support the local OSM Philippines Community on the following campaign.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 17 December, 2021


Tropical Cyclone Odette/Rai Size-up

Tropical Cyclone Odette/Rai has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 17 December, 2021

and 10 other countries

Semeru Volcanic Eruption 2021 Activation

The Semeru Volcanic Eruption is an activation of Perkumpulan OpenStreetMap Indonesia (POI) to map East Java.

VO Volcanic Eruption - 6 December, 2021


Semeru Volcano Eruption Size-up

Semeru Volcano Eruption has been sized-up.

VO Volcanic Eruption - 5 December, 2021


Haiti Earthquake 2021 Conclusion

The remote mapping in response to the earthquake in Haiti has concluded.

EQ Earthquake - 2 November, 2021

and 4 other countries

Tropical Cyclone RICK-21 Size-up

Tropical Cyclone RICK-21 has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 24 October, 2021


Tropical Cyclone PAMELA-21 Size-up

Tropical Cyclone PAMELA-21 has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 12 October, 2021


Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 Conclusion

The Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 activation has concluded.

FR Fire - 5 October, 2021

Algeria and 4 other countries

Cumbre Vieja Volcanic Eruption Size-up

Cumbre Vieja Volcanic Eruption in La Palma Island, Canary Islands has been sized-up

VO Volcanic Eruption - 23 September, 2021


Tropical Cyclone Chanthu Size-up

Tropical Cyclone Chantu has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 10 September, 2021

China, Taiwan, Philippines

Tropical Cyclone IDA Size-up

Disaster Services is monitoring TC IDA as it is a GDACs Red alert but an activation is unlikely.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 29 August, 2021

Cuba, United States

South/Central Asia Population Movement Size-up

As a dynamic event, we are still looking at what we can/should do to support the movement of people in and out of Afghanistan.

OT Other - 27 August, 2021

Afghanistan and 3 other countries

Tropical Cyclone GRACE-21 Size-up

Monitoring the Tropical Cyclone as it crosses Mexico. Waiting for requests or needs from OSM-Mexico.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 23 August, 2021

Mexico and 3 other countries

Haiti Earthquake 2021 Activation

The Haiti Earthquake 2021 campaign is an ongoing HOT activation to map southeastern Haiti after it was struck by a 7.2 earthquake.

EQ Earthquake - 16 August, 2021


Haiti Earthquake 2021 Size-up

Potentially HOT would just support local efforts or activate if none are initiated

EQ Earthquake - 14 August, 2021


Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 Activation

The Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 campaign is an ongoing HOT activation organized by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team in coordination with OSM communities to respond to wildfires across the region.

WF Wildfire - 14 August, 2021

Algeria and 4 other countries

Mediterranean Wildfires 2021 Size-up

Request to activate for various wildfires around the Mediterranean Sea: Algeria, Greece, Italy, Tunisia & Turkey.

WF Wildfire - 13 August, 2021

Algeria and 4 other countries

Western Europe Floods Size-up

Request not to activate by OSM Germany, but support is a possibility.

FL Flood - 22 July, 2021

Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg

Tropical Cyclone Elsa Size-up

TC Elsa has started to impact the Caribbean. Currently it is difficult to know where it might have a significant impact that we may need to respond for.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 2 July, 2021

Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic

Canchaque Landslides Size-up

Yesterday, while mapping the area around Piura, Peru an area directly adjacent suffered from a large landslide so we immediately began trying to pinpoint the area and create projects.

LS Landslide - 1 July, 2021


Nyiragongo Eruption Size-up

The volcano Nyiragongo (a GDACS Orange alert score of 1.5) affected the surrounding area of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The eruption prompted population movement and damaged the built environment.

VO Volcanic Eruption - 24 June, 2021

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda

COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Kick-off

Mapping for equitable vaccine distribution in more than 20 countries. This activation is organized in coordination with CartONG, MapAction, IMMAP and ESRI.

EP Epidemic - 23 June, 2021

South Sudan

Tauktae-21 & Yass-21

Tropical Cyclones Tauktae-21 (size-up) & Yass-21 (size-up) made landfall in India and Pakistan a couple of days apart. The AWG has been monitoring the situation for opportunities to assist.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 14 May, 2021

India, Pakistan

Tropical Cyclone Rolly/Goni Activation

Hot supported MapBecks to map areas affected by Rolly and Ulysses

TC Tropical Cyclone - 10 November, 2020


Tropical Cyclone Ulysses/Vamco Size-up

Tropical Cyclone Ulysses/Vamco has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 9 November, 2020

Philippines, Vietnam

Tropical Cyclone Eta Size-up

Yet another Tropical Cyclone poised to cause a humanitarian crisis; please find the size‐up below, this one we have a day or so to evaluate.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 31 October, 2020

Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador

Izmir Earthquake 2020 Size-up

"The quake has left severe damage to the structures and infrastructures in different areas of Bornova and Bayraklı regions of the city, pushing the residents to flee in panic into the streets." Source: Turkish Red Crescent

EQ Earthquake - 30 October, 2020


Tropical Cyclone Rolly/Goni Size-up

Tropical Cyclone Rolly/Goni has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 30 October, 2020

Philippines, Vietnam

Tropical Cyclone Molave Size-up

Tropical Cyclone Molave has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 25 October, 2020

Cambodia and 4 other countries

Beirut Port Explosion Activation

Beirut Port Explosion has been activated

OT Other - 9 August, 2020


Beirut Port Explosion Size-up

Beirut Port Explosion has been sized-up

OT Other - 5 August, 2020


Tropical Cyclone Amphan Size-up

"Tropical Cyclone Amphan has been sized-up."

TC Tropical Cyclone - 22 May, 2020

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India

Tropical Cyclone Typhon Kammuri Activation

2019 Typhon Kamurri Response & Preparedness Mapping is an activation that comprises the following projects:

TC Tropical Cyclone - 3 December, 2019


Tropical Cyclone Kammuri Size-up

Tropical Cyclone Kammuri has been sized-up.

TC Tropical Cyclone - 2 December, 2019


Venezuela Crisis 2019 Activation

Ayuda Venezuela is an Activation of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) to improve the basemap in areas already seeing an influx of refugees from the political turmoil in Venezuela.

OT Other - 1 March, 2019

Colombia, Venezuela

Venezuela Crisis 2019 Size-up

Venezuelan Crisis (Ayuda Venezuela) has been sized-up.

OT Other - 28 February, 2019

Colombia, Venezuela