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Tasking Manager 4 - a year of improvement!

April marks one year of the launch of Tasking Manager 4.

Wille Marcel - 12 April, 2021


Design Sprintathon

hot_tech kicked off 2021 with what started out with a big idea to run some rapid assessment and design sprints (RaDs). We learned that sprint, drastically underestimates the epic time & efforts it takes to get a sprint across the line. We also learned so much about the collectives we serve and how we can serve them better...

Bo Percival - 2 April, 2021


hot_tech wants to help

So, over at HOT_tech we’ve we’ve been working hard, so you can work easy. Our number one priority is hearing from you, so we’ve...

12 March, 2021


welcome to hot_tech...

As everyone is well aware, it's time to scale up at HOT, and hot_tech is no exception. We have been afforded an ‘Audacious’ opportunity to welcome some impressive new talent into the fold. I was once told never to assume you're the smartest in the room, and with the addition of these four new team members, I know for sure that I am not. Let me be the first to share with you a quick intro to each of the new team members, why they decided to join us, and why we wanted them to be a part of the team.

Bo Percival - 16 December, 2020


Improved notifications and better performance on Tasking Manager

Every two weeks we push a new version of Tasking Manager with new features, bug fixes and enhancements. It has been a while since our last update, so let’s take a look on what is new on Tasking Manager.

Wille Marcel - 7 October, 2020


GSoC 20 - Automatized support for Organised Editing Guidelines

Here is a summary from the GSoC' 20 project that adds automatized support for Organised Editing Guidelines in Tasking Manager.

João Vitor Ramos - 11 September, 2020


Introducing the Slackbot Router: Bringing HOT tools right in our Slack channel

As part of the 2020 Outreachy summer program, we developed a Slackbot Router project that utilises slash commands to deliver information on different HOT tools to the user. This allows the community to more efficiently access and share data between members and increase productivity.

Andria Hibe - 4 September, 2020


What is new in Tasking Manager 4.1

Tasking Manager is in constant improvement. Take a look at the new features available in the 4.1 version.

Wille Marcel - 10 August, 2020


Latest Tasking Manager updates

HOT released Tasking Manager 4.0 in April 2020 and since then the Tech Team is constantly improving it with new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Wille Marcel - 9 July, 2020


Launching the Tech HOT Spot!

Welcome to our first blog post! We will be using this space to share stories from HOT Tech Team’s world and talk about ways in which our team plays a strong role in HOT's mission.

Bo Percival, Ramya Ragupathy - 1 July, 2020