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Juntos mapeamos para o bem: construindo o Open Drone Aerial Tasking Manager

Aproveitando drones e crowdsourcing, a DroneTM equipa pilotos locais e comunidades propensas a desastres com ferramentas para criar mapas aéreos de alta resolução, melhorando a resposta a desastres e a resiliência comunitária.

Fabrizio Scrollini, Paul Uithol, Ivan Buendía Gayton, Philip Hippolyte, Nuala Cowan, Pierre Chrzanowski, Uttam Pudasaini - 11 June, 2024


fAIr in Production is Available for Everyone

We are nearly halfway through 2024 and are excited to share some updates on HOT's AI-assisted mapping service (fAIr) - specifically the successful fAIr production release on 31 May 2024!

Omran Najjar - 4 June, 2024


Training Open Mapping Tech for Wildfires in Córdoba, Argentina: Workshop in Unión de Los Ríos

On April 1 2024, we did a workshop called “Open Mapping for Inclusive and Sustainable Development. Mapping Tech in Wildland Areas: Forest Fires Edition” in Unión de Los Ríos, Córdoba, Argentina.

Emilio Mariscal - 13 May, 2024


Our End-to-End Mapping Solution: Mapping exercise at CliGeos Summer School

In April 2024, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of open mapping tools and workflows at the CLImbing for CLImate GEOspatial School (CLIGEOS-2024) in Annapurna-3, Lumle-Pokhara, Nepal.

Kshitij Sharma - 6 May, 2024


Our End-to-End Mapping Solution: Training the Balinese Disaster Response Team in Karangasem

HOT envisions an ecosystem of open mapping technology that enables everyone, and in particular vulnerable communities, to make the right open map data available in order to use that to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Leen D'hondt - 23 April, 2024


Field Mapping Tasking Manager (FMTM)

Collaboration and communication among key players are critical to a successful field mapping campaign and data collection effort. Leveraging the right tools, such as the Field Mapping Tasking Manager (FMTM), can significantly enhance coordination and streamline communication among team members, improving field survey efforts and making them more efficient and accurate.

Ivan Buendía Gayton - 19 March, 2024


HOT Export Tool: try out the new features!

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is more than the basemap you see on or in other geospatial services. The database behind the map is full of crowdsourced spatial data with systemized tagging that translates into attributes in GIS systems. For data analysts and cartographers who want to access datasets from OSM for use in QGIS or other similar applications, HOT’s export tool just got much more helpful!

Kshitij Sharma - 27 February, 2024


Tasking Manager: Insights from the NET Promoter Score Survey

Tasking Manager stands as a key solution in the realm of collaborative mapping, empowering users to contribute to meaningful projects on OpenStreetMap. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of the tool, we conducted a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey at the end of December 2023 to delve into the sentiments and experiences of our Tasking Manager users. The invaluable feedback, received from 59 users globally, has opened a window into user satisfaction, areas of strength, and opportunities for enhancement.

Ramya Ragupathy - 13 February, 2024


HOT CommunityWG x Tech&InnovationWG Communications Skillshare Series - what a blast to start the year!

THANK YOU FOR JOINING our Communications Skillshare Series!

Arnalie Vicario - 5 February, 2024


fAIr - what to expect in 2024!

Learn about the most recent updates on HOT’s AI-assisted mapping service (fAIr) and what to expect in 2024!

Omran Najjar, Petya Kangalova - 21 December, 2023


Data for sustainable development: The Data Festival 2023

The Data Festival recently held in Uruguay was the opportunity for the Open Mapping Hub to introduce to organizations and institutions open cartography applications and its humanitarian approach.

Juan Arellano Valdivia - 15 December, 2023


Launching HOT’s responsible and ethical data framework

At the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, we promote open and accessible data. What happens, though, when open data inadvertently brings attention to the location of something that could cause harm to the people in that area?

Jessica Pechmann, Paul Uithol, Shazmane Mandjee Rehamtula, Karla Picado Valverde, Ivan Buendía Gayton - 6 December, 2023


HOT Tasking Manager - Welcome to NAXA

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with NAXA, who will provide software development support for the evolution of the HOT Tasking Manager.

Petya Kangalova, Ramya Ragupathy - 10 October, 2023


HOT and CDEMA sign agreement to enhance disaster management in the Caribbean with collaborative mapping

HOT and CDEMA -the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency- have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen CDEMA's geospatial technological capabilities. Learn the details.

Juan Arellano Valdivia - 7 July, 2023


Changing Data Needs Through the Disaster Management Lifecycle

We’re now about a month and a half after the initial 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on Monday, 6 February. Even though it is an ongoing emergency with vast humanitarian needs, we are now moving into a phase of continuing support to the affected communities and the start of rebuilding and reconstruction efforts where it is feasible to do. As the phase of disaster response changes, so do the data needs and data and quality requirements.

Paul Uithol, Jessica Pechmann, - 27 March, 2023


OSM Hackfest 2023 - Call for Partnerships

Over the past two years, Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific (OMH-AP) has been working on it’s vision to create a sustainable OpenStreetMap (OSM) ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region. And for this reason, we are planning the OSM Hackfest as a regional level event in 2023. We need your support in order to do this and we are seeking partnerships for organizing the first ever Asia Pacific OSM regional Hackfest.

Nirab Pudasaini, Risham Habib - 17 November, 2022


hot_tech_talk | Takeaways from our open AI challenge

Over the past few years, HOT has taken a leadership role in experimenting with, and facilitating for, the application of open-source and fair artificial intelligence in mapping. What is the status? Well, let me tell you: we are only a few months away now from launching our open AI-mapping service - fAIr. As we speak, around 50 AI engineers from the Omdena community are crunching code with us to narrow down which of the models will give the most optimal AI-assisted mapping for our communities.

Synne Olsen - 3 November, 2022


hot_tech_talk | fAIr: AI-assisted mapping

Here is all you need to know about HOT’s open AI-assisted mapping service: fAIr.

Omran Najjar - 2 November, 2022


Reflections from attending the OpenSourceSummit Europe, September 2022

Hello lovely community members and tech enthusiasts!! I want to share some of my reflections from attending the Open Source Summit in Dublin in mid-September for the very first time! I categorised them into four areas that I hope will be useful for our community! If you are an open source developer, a maintainer of an open source project, or somebody who is interested in getting more involved with open source projects, then this post is for you! Hope you enjoy it - please reach out to me if you have questions(

Petya Kangalova - 5 October, 2022


hot_tech attending SoTM& FOSS4G highlights

It will be hard to capture the connections, learning, excitement and the feeling of community during State of the Map and FOSS4G in a blog, but here are a few highlights and photos on what happened during the various days! Hope you enjoy it!

Petya Kangalova - 9 September, 2022


Field Mapping is the Future: A Tasking Manager Workflow Using ODK (available in English, Spanish, Portuguese & French)

Field mapping by local people is key to the future of open mapping. However, the tools available for field mapping—despite many being of high quality—do not form a coherent ecosystem to unleash the potential of community field mapping. Something is missing! Could it be a Tasking Manager for Field Mapping?

Ivan Buendía Gayton - 24 August, 2022


hot_tech team in Florence, August 2022

We are excited to meet the community and share all that’s happening with the hot_tech team at State of the Map and FOSS4G starting next week!

Petya Kangalova - 11 August, 2022


HOT Tasking Manager Collective: update on the journey so far- July 2022

Thank you to all the contributors and participants in the Tasking Manager Collective. Hope you enjoy reading some of the highlights since the start of our collaboration with the Kathmandu Living Labs team.

Petya Kangalova - 25 July, 2022


Data Principles

At HOT, open mapping communities and program teams face unique challenges in how we work with data:

Paul Uithol, Jessica Pechmann, Shazmane Mandjee Rehamtula, Claudio de los Reyes, Leen D'hondt - 22 July, 2022


OpenAerialMapv2 - Design Testing Phase Results

It's time to share the progress of the OpenAerialMap redesign project again. In previous reports, you could read about the Project Kick-Off and the Design Phase. In June, the Kontur team involved users in the testing phase of the updated design of OAM.

Cristiano Giovando, DK Benjamin, Aliaksandra Tsiatserkina, Misha Malikin - 19 July, 2022


OpenAerialMapv2 - Design Phase Update

We wanted to provide you with an update of the next phase of the OpenAerialMap Project. Hopefully you have already read the Kick Off...

Cristiano Giovando - 2 June, 2022


hot_tech_talk | Apr (ish) 22

This month I have been feeling like the world has been spinning faster than ever. Does anyone else feel that? The days just don’t seem as long as they used to be? Do the image offsets seem to be more often and further than they have been in the past?

Bo - 20 May, 2022


OpenAerialMap v2 Design Kicks Off!

This year HOT joined with Kontur to take a fresh look at OAM and redesign the platform. We will evaluate how OAM could be improved to better support HOT’s vision that everyone has access to high quality map data and use that data responsibly to improve lives and communities. Read the initial findings in this blog and join the user workshops at the end of April.

DK Benjamin - 20 April, 2022


hot_tech_talk | Mar 22

Back once again, and we have connected in real time, in real life, with real people. Read on >>

13 April, 2022


Welcome to the Tasking Manager Collective: how to join & contribute!

We are really excited to be working with Kathmandu Living Labs! Hopefully you have already seen the blog post in welcoming KLL to the...

Petya Kangalova - 23 March, 2022


hot_tech_talk | Mar ‘22

_Happy end of Feb all! (yes, I realise it's already mid March)_\ \ After 2 long grounded years, hot_tech is starting to take off again - both figuratively and literally. Our team is now turning our attention and efforts toward working alongside hubs, contributors, collectives and users to test and evolve existing and potential humanitarian OSM tools increase access, usage and contribution to OSM.

11 March, 2022


New Year, New hot_tech members

Well, what a start to the year it’s been! Like mentioned previously, new directions, new collaborations and, I’m excited to announce, new team members! While you can read the official bios for each new member linked by their name, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce them unofficially to everyone. Please see their unofficial bios and a quick insight into why I’m really glad to have them joining our team.

1 March, 2022


Welcome to the collective, KLL!

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I have the opportunity to officially announce the first member of this tech_collective: Kathmandu Living Labs, who will be taking on the maintenance of the HOT tasking manager for the next 6 months (and possibly beyond).

Bo Percival - 8 February, 2022


hot_tech_talk | Jan 22


4 February, 2022


Expressions of Interest - Tasking Manager Collective Guide (volunteer)

hot_tech is looking for someone to guide the direction of Tasking Manager (TM) and represent the voice of the TM Collective. Could it be you?

19 January, 2022


Experiment: AI assisted open mapping

Hi all,

16 December, 2021


Before-After Maps: Visualizing OSM Mapping Contribution Over Time

Adding map data on OpenStreetMap transforms a blank canvas into a visual representation of places and communities where people live. However, it is often...

Aishworya Shrestha - 16 September, 2021


Tasking Manager 4 - a year of improvement!

April marks one year of the launch of Tasking Manager 4.

Wille Marcel - 12 April, 2021


Design Sprintathon

hot_tech kicked off 2021 with what started out with a big idea to run some rapid assessment and design sprints (RaDs). We learned that sprint, drastically underestimates the epic time & efforts it takes to get a sprint across the line. We also learned so much about the collectives we serve and how we can serve them better...

Bo Percival - 2 April, 2021


PDC PhilAWARE: Field Mapping Completion, the e-Learning Platform, and Map Presentation to Stakeholders

This month, the HOT Philippines team completed the required field work for the PhilAWARE project and is now presenting output maps to stakeholders. HOT is also working with PDC to prepare an e-Learning platform to remotely support stakeholder mapping initiatives.

Jikka Defiño - 30 March, 2021


Exposure Data and Models Shared with Disaster Management Stakeholders in Tanzania

The METEOR project has been a three-year initiative supported by the UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme to generate disaster exposure data and models in two pilot countries — Tanzania and Nepal. The process has since been repeated in another 45 official development assistance countries.

Hawa Adinani - 25 March, 2021


hot_tech wants to help

So, over at HOT_tech we’ve we’ve been working hard, so you can work easy. Our number one priority is hearing from you, so we’ve...

12 March, 2021


Mapping Makoko Using Drones and Canoes

A floating inner-city slum is in the process of being mapped to make a case for improved public services and land ownership.

Anton Marshall - 4 January, 2021


welcome to hot_tech...

As everyone is well aware, it's time to scale up at HOT, and hot_tech is no exception. We have been afforded an ‘Audacious’ opportunity to welcome some impressive new talent into the fold. I was once told never to assume you're the smartest in the room, and with the addition of these four new team members, I know for sure that I am not. Let me be the first to share with you a quick intro to each of the new team members, why they decided to join us, and why we wanted them to be a part of the team.

Bo Percival - 16 December, 2020


Improved notifications and better performance on Tasking Manager

Every two weeks we push a new version of Tasking Manager with new features, bug fixes and enhancements. It has been a while since our last update, so let’s take a look on what is new on Tasking Manager.

Wille Marcel - 7 October, 2020


GSoC 20 - Automatized support for Organised Editing Guidelines

Here is a summary from the GSoC' 20 project that adds automatized support for Organised Editing Guidelines in Tasking Manager.

João Vitor Ramos - 11 September, 2020


Introducing the Slackbot Router: Bringing HOT tools right in our Slack channel

As part of the 2020 Outreachy summer program, we developed a Slackbot Router project that utilises slash commands to deliver information on different HOT tools to the user. This allows the community to more efficiently access and share data between members and increase productivity.

Andria Hibe - 4 September, 2020


What is new in Tasking Manager 4.1

Tasking Manager is in constant improvement. Take a look at the new features available in the 4.1 version.

Wille Marcel - 10 August, 2020


Latest Tasking Manager updates

HOT released Tasking Manager 4.0 in April 2020 and since then the Tech Team is constantly improving it with new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Wille Marcel - 9 July, 2020


Launching the Tech HOT Spot!

Welcome to our first blog post! We will be using this space to share stories from HOT Tech Team’s world and talk about ways in which our team plays a strong role in HOT's mission.

Bo Percival, Ramya Ragupathy - 1 July, 2020


How we measure the effects of AI-assisted mapping

Over the past two years, HOT has taken a leadership role in exploring and facilitating the application of the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

Bo Percival, Felix Delattre, Melanie Eckle - 1 June, 2020


Tasking Manager | Behind the DevDesk with Wille Marcel

Wille is an experienced frontend engineer focused on rich web map applications and the creator the Tasking Manager frontend and the OSMCha application, a very important tool for quality control and monitoring of changes of OpenStreetMap.

Bo Percival - 28 May, 2020


Team up in the new Tasking Manager

The future is here! A fresh frontend with an integrated ID editor and many new improvements await you.

Felix Delattre, Sam Colchester - 6 May, 2020


Tasking Manager gets a makeover

The latest software version 4 of Tasking Manager has just been released with a number of enhancements that will improve users’ experience of collaborative mapping in OpenStreetMap.

Felix Delattre - 22 April, 2020


Communicating Operational Status of HOT Tools

Sharing up to date information about the current status and operation of all our tools through a simple status dashboard.

Ramya Ragupathy, Dakota Benjamin - 13 September, 2019


Using Open Source Tools to Solve Routing Issues for Solid Waste Collection in Dar Es Salaam

One of the biggest difficulties in establishing an effective and efficient waste management collection and transportation system in Dar es Salaam is how long it takes to travel to Pugu dumpsite, the only officially designated solid waste dump in the city, and the best route to use.

Aaron Eubank - 30 August, 2019


The Machine Learning Enabler

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is partnering with Development Seed, Facebook, and Microsoft to build AI-based mapping tools to empower mappers around the world. We...

Sajjad Anwar - 10 July, 2019


Collecting building data sets for exposure data in Tanzania

Since 2018, HOT-Tanzania has been carrying out the METEOR project, a project that uses Earth Observation (EO) data to assess the level of exposure...

Emmanuel Kombe, Hawa Adinani - 27 June, 2019


How #Map2020 Mappers Use Street-Level Imagery to Tackle Humanitarian Challenges

From Ghana to Zambia to the Philippines, we take a look at some of the 33 mapping projects that are taking part in #map2020 to build better maps in undermapped regions. The mapping participants are collecting street-level imagery to improve things like waste management, natural disaster response, and damaged roads, addressing some of the most pressing issues in undermapped regions.

Rebecca Firth - 20 June, 2019


An approach to field data collection in Kathmandu

Guest blog by Gaurav Thapa from Kathmandu Living Labs. Covering the collection process carried out by the team for surveying exposure data in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal as part of the METEOR project.

Mhairi O'Hara - 3 April, 2019


Bringing machine learning and open data to the Tasking Manager

Addressing the unmapped gap with higher quality and greater efficiency. Photo above from the Tasking Manager meeting held last month in Washington, DC.

Nate Smith - 20 March, 2019


Why is it important for youth to create data and manage information?

Guest blog by Abril Gomez, student at GAL School Cusco, Peru. Aged 15.

26 January, 2019


Tasking Manager Update: New Version Released!

As December has started we’ve also released another update to the Tasking Manager. Head to and start mapping to check them out.

Nate Smith - 3 December, 2018


Using open source tools to eliminate Malaria in Guatemala

HOT is supporting the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Guatemala Ministry of Health to assist local technicians who are in the field fighting Malaria in the area of Escuintla. Guatemala has provided a unique opportunity for HOT to leverage open source tools for use during indoor residual spraying to monitor progress and activities as they occur.

Miriam Gonzalez - 14 November, 2018


Hacktoberfest: A Call for Contributing to Social Impact Projects

Join in the celebration of open source software by contributing to the Tasking Manager or other open source projects maintained by HOT.

Nate Smith - 4 October, 2018


Getting to grips on tag quality with MapCampaigner

Last year at State of the Map in Boulder we announced a new tool called MapCampaigner. Today we're opening it up to anyone to create campaigns.

Nate Smith - 25 September, 2018


Open Imagery for Humanitarian Mapping

Analysis of imagery source use within the Tasking Manager

Ramya Ragupathy, Nate Smith - 19 September, 2018


Integrating Machine Learning into the Tasking Manager: Notes on a Direction

We're moving towards how we leverage machine learning tools to improve data quality and help mappers map. Above is a shot from our design workshop we held at the HOT Summit in Dar es Salaam on August 31. Read more below about our ideas and a direction we'd like to see within the Tasking Manager.

Nate Smith - 17 September, 2018


HOT Summit at FOSS4G 2018- Combining Communities in Dar es Salaam

This year’s HOT Summit was unique for many reasons, it was the first held in Africa and the first to be integrated into and...

Sıla Alıcı - 17 September, 2018


Website Update: Interactive Maps

A round up of recent major pushes to the website through Outreachy.

Ramya Ragupathy - 14 September, 2018


Launching Visualize Change!

Today we’re launching Visualize Change, a new tool to see the change of OpenStreetMap over time. Anyone can automate the creation of embedded and...

Nate Smith - 4 September, 2018


Fast, Powerful, and Practical: New Technology for Aerial Imagery in Disaster Response

How rugged, portable AWS servers can be used for post-disaster imagery operations.

Seth Fitzsimmons - 2 July, 2018


Website Update: Powering our maps with data

An update on how we are integrating data and visulisations across the site.

Ramya Ragupathy - 29 June, 2018


HOT Summit at FOSS4G 2018 Updates

The time is quickly approaching! HOT Summit at FOSS4G 2018 is only 4 months away and we’re excited to see you and for you...

Rachel VanNice - 12 April, 2018


HOT InAWARE Project Relocates to Mapping Lifeline Infrastructures in Semarang

By the end of 2017, HOT concluded the mapping of lifeline infrastructure in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. Our data entry specialists swept through 44 subdistricts...

Biondi Sanda Sima - 12 March, 2018