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The Open Mapping Hub - Latin America and the Caribbean has four clear objectives:

  • Support local projects that work with open cartographic data, showing how they can contribute to people’s well-being.

  • Engage with local communities and document the issues and opportunities open mapping can contribute to, fostering relationships and support among peers, HOT, communities, organizations and governments.

  • Connect the different regional actors and support opportunities that benefit Open Mapping knowledge throughout LAC to support open data infrastructure in the region.

  • Co-design with communities, volunteers and other actors of the open mapping of the region what the Hub could be and do.

In this way we will document experiences that have tested concepts, models and approaches applicable to the work of the Hub on the ground, thus facilitating the development of future activities such as training, mapping processes, financing, strategic alliances, and above all, reaching the great objective to achieve an improvement in Latin American and Caribbean communities through the use of geospatial data technologies.

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