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Open Mapping Hub - LAC's Publications

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Here we document the activities of HOT's Open Mapping Hub - LAC


Posts are in reverse chronological order

07/11/2022 - América Abierta 2022, the challenge of open data

10/23/2022 - Cayambe: Risk management in volcanic areas

08/30/2022 - Canoa de Tolda: Representing the social dynamics of the São Francisco River through mapping

06/22/2022 - Learn about the ongoing projects of the LATAM hub!

05/18/2022 - Open Mapping Hub in LATAM - May 2022 update

04/27/2022 - New open mapping actors in Ecuador

03/23/2022 - Open Mapping News from LATAM

12/02/2021 - Open Mapping Hub in LATAM - December 2021 update

03/25/2021 - 🗺 ¡Ayuda a impulsar OpenStreetMap en Latinoamérica!


Other publications on Latin America

01/02/2022 - Mapping the Care of People with URBELatam

21/06/2021 - How can we improve community disaster preparedness and response capacities with crowdsourced spatial data in Latin America and the Caribbean?

08/06/2021 - Practical Action Bolivia Trained Community Members in Mapping Areas Impacted by Forest Fires

24/08/2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic in Peru: Mapping Health Implications

19/06/2020 - Four regions, five years, 94 countries, one billion people

14/11/2018 - Using open source tools to eliminate Malaria in Guatemala

05/10/2018 - GeoChicas: Mapping the path of women after the earthquake in Oaxaca

14/08/2018 - Exploring the possibilities of mapping and identity in Cusco, Peru

02/10/2017 - Microgrants: Humanitarian mapping of coastal wetlands and fishing livelihoods for resilience to climate change and variability, Colombia.

07/09/2017 - Disaster Activation: Hurricanes Irma, Maria, Mexico Earthquake, Bangladesh flooding

03/06/2016 - Ecuador Earthquake: Assessing the Extent of Damaged Buildings

31/05/2016 - HOTOSM recognized by the President of Mexico during Internet Day 2016

04/05/2016 - Ecuador Earthquake: Day 16 Update

22/04/2016 - Ecuador Earthquake: Day 7 Update

18/04/2016 - Latest Update: Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador

04/02/2016 - Passengers created the public transportation map of Managua

07/01/2016 - A crowd-sourced public transportation map for Managua

01/06/2015 - Training and Capacity Building: Caribbean Open Data Program

06/03/2015 - Taller de Mapeo Humanitario – Isla de León, Colombia

24/04/2013 - Hottie Humberto Yances presents the La Boquilla Project