Disaster Mapping

When major disaster strikes anywhere in the world, HOT rallies a huge network of volunteers to create, online, the maps that enable responders to reach those in need.

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HOT supports community mapping projects around the world and assists people to create their own maps for socio-economic development and disaster preparedness.

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The Liberia Local Empowerment for Government Inclusion and Transparency (LEGIT) project supports to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Governance Commission as they lead, monitor and coordinate the implementation of the government’s decentralization agenda.


HOT will, in close coordination with the LEGIT project team, contribute to several areas of the project, working with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)’s Department of Urban Affairs, city...


HOT develops several open source programs and applications to leverage collaborative mapping and the use of new technologies in the field of geographic information for humanitarian aid. Check them out!

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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is designing and implimenting of the next generation of its OSM Tasking Manager 2 (TM2) software. Through a community driven process we will develop and implement significant improvements to functionality of TM2 organized around the 5 key goals for the project, UI/UX improvements, better mapper engagement, improved project creation and management tools, validation and exposing a complete API. The full overall project Terms of Reference are available here...